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Anti-Doping – BOSSNA™ leads the fight!

Anti-Doping – BOSSNA™ leads the fight!
June 17, 2016 Alan Moore

Increasingly worrying signs are being seen in the fight against doping, especially in Russia. Athletes who have never doped are suddenly found to have fallen foul of testers. In 2 recent cases the decision was overturned when the reason, contaminated supplements, was proven to be correct.

The athletes did not buy unknown brands, they bought internationally known supplements and were assured they were clean. It was only on inspection of the supplements that they were found not just to be contaminated, but falsified.

Fake sports supplements and supplements produced by unskilled amateurs are a real danger in Russia, on 3 fronts. 1. They will not produce the results you need, 2. They will leave you open to doping sanctions and most importantly 3. They will damage your health. Athletes and gymgoers across the world are willing to take chances with all numbers 2 and 3, though not getting the results while living in fear of a doping ban and damaging your health makes no sense. There are options to avoid all 3 negative aspects of sports supplements.

Improve your Performance

Any supplement you use to support your regular diet should automatically improve your performance. A Pre-workout has to give you energy and focus to push harder before training. It has to keep your muscles and body working longer, harder and yet allow you to relax after without a major energy/sugar crash. A crash after an event or training means a more difficult task to recover and be ready for your next training or event – a good Pre-workout avoids the crash and will improve your performance.

A Protein has not just to support muscle growth and recovery, it has to provide sustenance to tissues, ligaments etc. A well balanced protein will do this and not cause bloating, gas and stomach pain. It should also deliver a light, balanced mix of B Vitamins to support the synthesis of protein and speed your recovery.

BOSSNA™ products take care of all of these AND make sure your performance doesn’t drop.

Avoid Doping Sanctions

Doping is present in all nations and gyms across the world. Yet it is competitive athletes who are most at risk of being banned and disgraced for using the wrong supplements. Why do athletes cheat? Why do they dope? They do so to win! They do so for glory, money and a better life. Yet the risk of being caught and losing everything you’ve worked for is not worth it.

The mental stress of having to stay one step ahead of the testers, even if you have a well-organized team around you, takes its toll. Yet the danger of using a fake supplement is high, especially in Russia.

The worry of getting amino spiked protein pales in comparison to using a protein which is loaded with sugars and ephedrine. The label looks legitimate, yet inside has been packed in a back alley in Samara or St. Petersburg. The brand is made in America, the label is clean, yet it’s come from a Chinese factory.

BOSSNA™ products are guaranteed clean and produced in a fully certified and Internationally
recognized facility.

Stay Healthy

A young Russian hockey player drops dead of a heart attack on the ice. His heart is twice the size of a young man his age. He has been using some illegal drugs, though the cause is traced to supplements from recognized distributors.

A Russian tennis player retires at age 20 despite a promising future, the reason? She suffered arsenic poisoning. Her supplement supplier were supposed to produce all their product in Europe, yet outsourced some to a Russian factory. For months she was suffering headaches, cramps and diarrhea. She put it down to travel and bad health. After her hair began falling out and she suffered fainting spells, her Doctor tested her blood and arsenic poisoning was discovered.

The brand continues though they cut ties with their Russian co-packing partners, moving their business to another factory – in China. Using a supplement which is contaminated with doping products is unhealthy, yet there are even more unhealthy risks with supplements here in Russia. Supplements are there to keep you healthy at least and improve your health at best. They should not result in premature death or serious health issues.

BOSSNA™ products are designed to keep you healthy and improve your health. They have the perfect balance of ingredients to support your system in all activities.

Across the globe the fight against doping is a losing battle and new products emerging from traditional brands are simply there to have the appearance of functionality. A tiny few guarantee absence of ingredients that are banned by WADA and few guarantee that there are no GMO components. It takes greater investment and care to ensure that what is on the label is inside the container, something that too many sports nutrition providers are unwilling to make.

In Russia there is a crossroads for both competitive athletes and gymgoers, to continue using products that will be harmful to their health and leave them open to doping sanctions, or to get a guarantee from a brand which stands over its products.

BOSSNA™ stands over the quality, effectiveness and cleanness of its products, knowing that the investment has been made and care taken to guarantee it. Our products will deliver on 3 real promises.

1. You will have improved performances

2. You will avoid doping sanctions

3. You will stay healthy.

Your body is valuable, so invest in it. Be Better, Be BOSSNA!

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